On-demand, specialized teams, ready to work.

Find, hire and work with pre-built expert teams. Accelerate your roadmap using world's 1st turnkey agile freelance platform.

Why customers use FreelancingTeams?

Free planning tools

Easy to use planning tools to envision and plan product roadmap and features.

Free estimates

Easy to use proposal tools to collect budget and time estimates.

Pay for performance

Flexibility to pay for only small piece of work. Move forward with satisfied work.

Teams for your organization's size and needs


Employees - 1 to 5

Revenue - $0 to $1M

Scale up

Employees - 6 to 20

Revenue - $1M+ to $10M

Grow your business

Employees - 21 to 99

Revenue - $10M+ to $100M


Employees - 100+

Revenue - 100M+

Teams & Talent + Streamlined Agile Management + Integrated Payment

Easy access to 100+ market ready teams. Agile project management software to manage projects from start to finish. Integrated payment system to process payments on successful delivery.

Achieve big goals in small steps

Built-in workflows will help split big ideas into small steps. Manage and get the job done incrementally.

Specialized Teams

Building team takes time, cost and continuous effort. Use one of the specialized team to get the job done.

Track your progress

Execute the features on the click of a button. The built-in, workflows and agile board will guide you through the step-by-step process.

Pay as you go

Make payments only for the completed work. Our integrated payment systems will process invoice and payments.


Achieve results incrementally and iteratively. Our platform is designed for big and small projects. Start small and grow as you need.


Send invites, share messages, and converse with the team using our integrated collaboration tools.









How IT Works?

Execute projects from start to finish in four simple steps

Step 1 : Define scope of work

Whether you are building a website or mobile apps, improve quality, migrate to cloud - define your work.

Step 2: Choose team

Teams will respond with right proposals. Choose one of our specialized, self-organized teams.

Step 3: Execute project

Execute features on the click of a button. The in-built workflows will guide you through the process.

Step 4: Pay as you go

Use the integrated payment systems to review, make payments, invoices & transactions.

Get started for free

Start your first project for free now

Our teams are on-demand, which means there is no upfront cost to you. Use our agile platform to capture your product/project features risk free - no payments necessary.

Build your own team quick and easy

Do you already have a team or would like to work with someone? Bring your team or create one by inviting people with knowledge and experience. ​

Achieve results together

Freelance is lonely, round the clock work and time consuming. Why work alone, when you can share and achieve results together. Join now and find suitable teams to work. ​

Not sure where to begin or have questions?