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Faster access to teams & talent

Instantly access hundreds of pre-built, specialized, global teams.  Find expert teams for your specific needs. Augment, expand or fix talent gaps with flexible, remote teams.

Easy to get the job done with integrated tools

The powerful project management software keeps track of work, and moves entire team towards end results. Communicate, collaborate and execute at ease, no matter where you are!

A cost-effective alternative

Transparent pricing with no expensive talent acquisition cost, high markups or hidden fees. Collect free estimates and pay only for results using secure payment options.

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Why use FreelancingTeams?

Everything you need to get the work done - all in one place

Hire specialized teams

Finding the right talent and bringing them together to get the work done is expensive, time consuming and hard.  Hire specialized teams, today.

Execute at ease

Project management shouldn’t be hard.  Execute work at the click of a button. The built-in workflows will do the rest.

Achieve big goals in small steps

The built-in, streamlined agile project management software will help split large work into smaller items. Achieve incremental results, the agile way.

Flexible & Extensible

Achieve results incrementally and iteratively. The platform is designed for big and small projects. Start small and grow as you need.

Integrated tools for remote work

Send invites, share messages, and converse with remote team using collaboration tools. Track work and make payments through integrated systems.

Transparent Pricing

Pay as you go pricing model with no complex contracting or hidden costs. Release payments only for satisfied work.


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Why use FreelancingTeams?

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