Market standard team

Roles & Responsibilities

Project Manager

Plan, organize and control the project tasks. Works closely with the clients in understanding the scope of work, assign/select project resources, and facilitate completion of work. The other activities include monitor and resolve issues, mitigate risks and provide regular status updates.

SQL Developer

Content writer is responsible for creating and managing product content such as product description, images, videos, etc. The content writer understands the strategy, the target audience and assembles the content together, and ensures the content properly resonates with the target audience. The content writer is proficient in using appropriate language, communication methods and engaging users.

ETL Developer

Designer is responsible for putting together different types of content (text, images, photos etc.) into visually appealing e-commerce storefront. Designers are proficient using various design tools, create prototypes, design, develop, test and deploy design artifacts.


Developer is one who translates the design artifacts into software components such as product catalogs, shopping carts, order processing, etc. Developers are focused on design, develop, test and deploy software components using the recommended technology, architecture, processes and frameworks. They also work closely with other members ensuring successful completion of the work.

Data Scientists

Testers are focused on the quality assurance stage ensuring the software meets it both functional and system requirements. Testers perform different levels and types of testing, ensuring the product matches the requirements.

Data Visualization experts

Deployment engineers are focused on deploying application from development to various environment including testing, staging and production.

Featured Analytics Teams

The Analytics is very broad from simple reporting to complex data science. Depending on the nature and complexity of the project, the Analytics team may have one or more members. Find, hire and work with market ready analytics teams.