Market standard team

Roles & Responsibilities

Content Manager

Content manager works with different stakeholders in understanding the requirements, developing the content strategy, and devising the plan. Depending upon the size and nature of the team, the content manager works with team members in executing the plan. The content managers are also typically experienced in creating, editing, posting and updating content. They also closely monitor the content response and take appropriate actions.

Content Writer

Content writer is responsible for writing, proofreading and editing the content. The content writer understands the strategy and the target audience, performs necessary research on different topics, assembles the content together, and ensures the content properly resonates with the target audience. The content writer is proficient in using appropriate language, communication methods and engaging users.

Content Designer

Content designer is responsible for putting together different types of content (text, images, photos etc.) into visually appealing web pages, blogs and posts. The content designer is proficient in using the CMS tools and has experience translating the content into digital content including web pages, blogs, articles, newsletters, brochures, etc.

Content Administrators

Content administrator is responsible for managing the infrastructure, setup and configuration of content management systems. Additional responsibilities may include managing the user groups, permissions and access rights. They may also handle version controls, publishing the content, backup, recoveries and migrations of sites to different environments.

Featured Content Management Teams

The content management is very broad, and hence, the team size, roles and responsibilities, and structure widely differs based on the type and nature of content strategy. For example, a content marketing team for a startup or small business may start with a content manager, writer and designer. However, a large enterprise may require larger team with many roles such as manager, administrator, architect, developer, writer, tester and implementation engineer.