Roles & Responsibilities

Software development team

Software development is a process of developing software applications or products. The process consists of gathering necessary requirements, converting into design, developing software components, testing and deploying the applications into proper environment. FreelancingTeams brings project managers, designers, developers, testers and devops engineers together to get the job done from start to finish. Post your project and hire a suitable team.

Project Manager

Plan, organize and control project activities. Works closely with clients in understanding the scope of work, assign/select project resources, and facilitate successful completion of work. Other activities includes monitor and resolve any issues, team communication, mitigate risks and provide regular status updates.


The software architect demonstrates proficiency in the application, integration, data, and technical architecture that underlies the platform, IT resources and solutions. Architects understands the client needs and devise a proper application architecture that is scalable, secure, performs well and easy to maintain. Architect has mastery in various application design patterns, principles, and best practices used to engineer and evolve solutions.


Designer is one who brings an idea or concept into a visually appealing user interface. Designer – a generic role has branched into several specialized roles such as graphic design, user interface design, web design, mobile design, etc. Designers are proficient using various design tools, create prototypes, design, develop, test and deploy design artifacts.


Developer is one who translates the design artifacts into software components. Developers are focused on design, develop, test and deploy software components using the recommended technology, architecture, processes and frameworks. They work closely with other team members ensuring successful completion of the development tasks and participate in maintenance and support activities.


Software testers are focused on the quality assurance stage ensuring the product meets it both functional and system requirements. Testers are proficient in translating requirements into test artifacts such as test cases, scenarios and test plans. They perform different levels and types of testing ensuring the application meets the quality requirements. They are proficient in various testing methods, processes, tools and defect management.

Deployment Engineer

Deployment engineer is specialized in setting up, installing, configuring and maintaining applications from development to various other environments including testing, staging, production and designated apps stores. The deployment engineers are proficient in various technical architectures, cloud providers, continuous integration, and third party apps stores.

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Software development requires diversified skills including planning, requirement gathering, design, development, testing and deployment. Find, hire and work with market ready development teams.