Market standard team

Roles & Responsibilities

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager are professionals with education, experience and skills in researching and analyzing target markets. They work closely with different groups and teams in understanding customers, their requirements and expectations. They help devise strategy and direction to attract and retain customers. Their input to the product development and overall user experience is critical to success.

Branding Consultant

Branding consultant help identify, analyse, evaluate, and audit brand performance. General responsibilities includes research, devise branding solutions, create brand awareness, and help implement changes. They typically work with other teams in rolling out marketing campaigns, advertisements, product design, packaging, and visual aspects of the brand.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists or channel experts are professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise on specific channel such as social media, SEO, SCM,Email marketing, etc. They help rollout channel specific marketing campaigns, implement best practices, follow trends, track metrics and achieve results.


Designers help translate customer behaviors, attitudes and emotions, into visual artifacts such as logo, web site, newsletters, illustrations, videos, etc. The designer use different tools and techniques in building layouts, navigations, interfaces, and interactions. They are proficient in photography, illustrations, and appropriate usage of colors, fonts, sizes and texts.

Content writer

Content writer is responsible for writing, proofreading and editing the content such as website, blogs and posts. The content writer understands the strategy and the target audience, performs necessary research on different topics, assembles the content together, and ensures the content properly resonates with the target audience. The content writer is proficient in using appropriate language, communication methods and engaging users.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst or coordinator is one who ensures the marketing activities are executed as per the plan, coordinate the effort between teams, gather metrics and ensure the marketing campaigns are producing intended results.

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