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FreelancingTeams Overview

As individuals we all are limited by our skills and capabilities. The common phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” implies a simple truth which is: when people come together for a common cause, remarkable things happen – whether it is scaling Mount Everest, crossing an Ocean, or putting a man on the Moon. A group effort is required to attain greater results. At FreelancingTeams, our goal is to build a collaborative environment where freelancers can work together and achieve greater results for clients. 

People & Talent

FreelancingTeams brings freelancers with diverse skills together into specialized teams and connects with clients for projects. With FreelancingTeams, you can work with different clients on different projects, flexibility to work on your passion, work with friends or people you know, and build the career you always wanted. 

Streamlined Agile Project Management

FreelancingTeams is the World 1st agile platform that leverages agile methodologies in executing freelance projects. The agile methodology will help you to split big projects into smaller chunks and achieve higher quality results incrementally and iteratively. This also helps to manage change efficiently and reduce risks of project failures.

Integrated tools

Teamwork requires communication, collaboration, ability to track progress and achieve results together. Within the platform we have built many industry standard processes, workflows, communication and collaboration tools, and integrated payment systems that will help you to get the work done from start to finish.

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