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Getting started – Clients

FreelancingTeams brings teams & talent, proven processes and integrated tools to get your job done from start to finish. Please click here to learn more about the benefits of using FreelancingTeams.

Who can work with FreelancingTeams?

FreelancingTeams is built for businesses of all sizes and shapes – startups, scale-ups, SMBs, and enterprises. Our easy to use, integrated platform is used by many clients – big and small; technical and non-technical. We encourage our clients to start small and grow as you need.

Signup for free

Setting up an account with FreelancingTeams is easy and free. Click here to signup with a valid email. We’ll send you a verification email to validate your account. Click the activation link to validate your account. If you did not receive your email in a few minutes after registration, please check your spam folder. Once your account is validated, you can use the credentials to login.

Post a project and collect free estimates

Posting a project is free. You can use our unique requirement management tool to compile product or project features, prioritize work, and collect estimates – all for free, no upfront payment or credit card necessary.  You pay only for the work performed, and we will assess a service fee from the freelancers. However, your payment is necessary before commencement of work. Please click here to learn more about projects.

What is the tiered subscription pricing?

You are free to use the platform for the first 3 projects using the available market ready teams. However, some projects are more complex than others, and may require project management oversight. The standard and plus subscription comes with 1 hour and 3 hours of certified project manager assistance respectively. The project manager will assist you with any project related queries or provide necessary guidance for getting your project completed. 

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