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Getting started – Members

Signup for free

Setting up an account with FreelancingTeams is easy and free. Click here to signup with a valid email. We’ll send you a verification email to validate your account. Click the activation link to validate your account. If you did not receive your email in a few minutes after registration, please check your spam folder. Once your account is validated, you can use the credentials to login.

Complete your profile

Your complete profile is key to finding suitable jobs. Clients use your profile to learn more about you and make hiring decisions. So, it is important to have accurate, complete and latest profile details. Please make sure you have a professional profile picture with a summary of your education and experience. You can also set min and max hourly rates, and weekly availability.

Update your roles and skills

FreelancingTeams brings freelancers with diversified roles and skills together in teams. Hence, your individual roles and skills are key to establishing a complete team profile. Add relevant skills with level of expertise and years of experience.

Add a payment method

 Even though this is not required immediately, we advise you to set up available payment methods. A valid payment account is required to transfer funds for the work performed. 


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