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Why use FreelancingTeams?

FreelancingTeams brings people with diversified skills together into specialized teams to work on projects. Please click here to learn more about why freelancers should work in teams. Some of the benefits are:

Find jobs that interests you

FreelancingTeams works with many different types of clients from startups to enterprises. This means you have an opportunity to work with different clients on different types of projects.

Work with friends or people you know

FreelancingTeams let you build your own teams or join preferred teams, leveraging your network of friends, family or colleagues. Please click here to see our post on how to form a team. Working with friends not only helps in good times, but also during the difficult times.

Divide and conquer

FreelancingTeams offer an unique opportunity to divide the responsibilities in an environment where people with diversified skill sets and capabilities come together to work on projects. Each individual contributes according to their own area of expertise while building a sustainable long-term growth.

Work-life balance

Of course, it is not all about work. Freelancing is a lot of work, and can be an incredibly lonely endeavor. Trying to juggle too many things at the same time is not only unrealistic and inefficient, but can be damaging, both physically and psychologically. By working with your teammates you can share responsibilities and create a better work-life balance.

Sustainable growth opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of teamwork is leveraging the network and contacts of each team member. Additionally, by satisfying the client’s needs, you will have the opportunity to earn trust and provide clients with more of your team’s skill.

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