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Creating a project

There are multiple ways to create a project. The built-in project wizard will walk you through step-by-step collecting relevant information. You can create a project with information you have, and update it later as you collect additional details.

  1. You can get started by clicking the suitable project type on the home page.
  2. You can register into the application. The system will provide an option to create a project upon successful registration.
  3. Select the “Create Project” option in the top-level menu to create a project at any time.

Project Name – provide a brief name for your project. We’ll use the project name to communicate and collaborate throughout the project.

Project type – FreelancingTeams is a platform that supports different types of projects. You can pick and choose the suitable option. If you’re not sure or do not see a suitable option, you can pick the “Other” option.

Description – Explain about your business or background, reason for posting this project, current state and objectives. Please be sure to include any specific instructions, if you have any. A detailed description helps the teams to better understand your unique needs and come up with a proper plan.

Note: You don’t have to enter the requirements or scope of work in the project description. You can capture it in the later stage.

Specifications – select an option that best fits your situation. We ask this to better understand the scope of work. If you do not have any specifications that is perfectly fine. Just pick appropriate option.

Technology stack – select your preferred technology for the project. You can enter primary and secondary technologies. If you don’t have the details, please select the “other” option.

Other details – the wizard will collect a few additional regarding your situation. Please select appropriate option that best suits your needs. Every project is unique, and the information you share will help the teams to better understand your unique needs and come up with the best response.

Hurray! Your new project is created. Sure to check your email for more details.

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