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Managing a project

Once you create a new project, the system redirects to a project dashboard where you can manage all project activities in one place.

FreelancingTeams streamlined processes and built-in workflows makes managing projects easier. The system also keeps you informed when you’re offline. Please be sure to check out the emails and take appropriate actions.

Navigating within a project

To ensure easy navigation between different project activities, we’ve grouped the relevant information/activities through menu items. Use the side (left) navigational menu item to move between activities.

Additionally, the system uses a series of workflows and status to keep track of different project activities. The project dashboard displays the workflow activities and current status.

Updating a project

Use the left navigation menu project –> Profile to view project details. Use the edit (pencil) icon to edit the project profile. You can update the project anytime before submitting the project for proposals. Click the “Save” button to record the changes.

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