Getting Started

Welcome to! The following steps would help you to get started with registration, setting up your profile, create your own team or projects.


If you are not already a registered member, you need to register. Please click here to register.


The registration process will send you an email with a link. Please use the link to activate your account within 24 hours of registration. The activation is required to work with the platform. If you do not have a link or didn’t receive the email, please click here to request for new link.

Profile Setup

Building an accurate, complete and impressive profile is very important for marketability. You can use your profile in creating the first and lasting impression on you. We recommend the following in creating a winning profile.

Summary -Provide a detailed information regarding your education, experience, certifications and any awards. The summary should help demonstrate your capabilities as a freelancer.

Profile image – A clear professional image would help demonstrate your reputation.

Roles – Please select one or many suitable roles. To provide consistency, the platform lists the most frequently used roles.

Skills – Please enter the technical, functional or business skills that would use as a freelancer.

Our easy-to-use interface will help you to capture necessary profile details. Once you setup your profile, you can update it anytime. To setup profile, please click here.

Setting up your own team

Freelancing teams encourages people to join together and execute projects. The platform provides a niche for teams to work, gain leadership skills, and elevate career goals. Our point-and-click web interface will help you to set up team profile and invite your network to join your team. We recommend the following in creating the team profile.

Team details – Provide a brief overview of your team’s mission, vision and objectives. You may also include team composition, location and how you intend to achieve work.

Invite members – You can invite one or more members to join the team. We do not have any restriction on number of people you can add to your team, however, the general recommendation is 5 to 6 members.

To create your team, please click here.

Create Project

Freelancing project is work that you intend to accomplish using freelancing teams. The freelancing projects can be a proof of concept, prototypes, in-house or offsite projects. Using the platform, you can execute different types of project including web application, mobile development, maintenance, testing and database management.

To post your project, please click here. Our system will gather necessary project details, and guide you in documenting your needs. Once you have captured complete details, you can post your project for free.