How it works

Step 1: Define your project

Tell us more about your project. Freelancing teams will use the information to develop proper estimates. Our easy to use system will walk you through step by step collecting necessary details.

Create project

Our easy to use, step by step wizard will guide you in collecting relevant information about your project. 

Manage features

Feature is a piece of functionality that creates a value or you intend to achieve. A feature can be a new functionality, enhancement or bug. Build-in workflows and samples will help you manage features.

Prioritize work

We understand not all work are equal. Prioritize the work you would like to get it done first. You can move low priority items to backlog.  

Step 2: Team Selection

There are multiple options to choose from – request for estimates, build you own team or invite your preferred team. 

Request for estimates

Publish your project requesting for proposals. Receive multiple proposals from different teams. 

Review estimates

Receive proposals from multiple teams. Review work breakdown, budget and time estimates.

Choose or build your own team

Pick and choose a team. The system will use the selected team for your project. Already working with a team? no problem. You have an option to build your own team. 

Step 3: Project execution

Execute your project with the click of a button. Our easy to use workflows will guide you in executing the work incrementally and iteratively.

Start the feature work

Start the work with the click of a button. The system will collect necessary payments and kick-off the feature work. 

Track the progress

The integrated team board and workflows will guide the team to move the work items to the finish line.


Send invites, share messages, and converse with the team using integrated collaboration tools.

Review and sign-off

Review the work product and sign-off. 

Step 4: Pay as you go

Release payments for the completed work. Our integrated payment systems will process invoice and payments.


Our integrated payment system will release the payment for the completed work. The system will automatically distribute the payments based on the work performed.

Invoices Management

The invoice management helps you to tract time, deliverables and transactions. Use the in-built reports to track the invoices and transactions. 

Manage Changes

Change is inevitable. Manage change through comments or create/update new features.

Get started for free

Start your first project for free now

Our teams are on-demand, which means there is no upfront cost to you. Use our agile platform to capture your product/project features risk free - no payments necessary.

Build your own team quick and easy

Do you already have a team or would like to work with someone? Bring your team or create one by inviting people with knowledge and experience. ​

Achieve results together

Freelance is lonely, round the clock work and time consuming. Why work alone, when you can share and achieve results together. Join now and find suitable teams to work. ​

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