Bring your skills. Build your career.

Freelancing teams brings people with diversified skills and capabilities together in teams to execute projects. Create team, find work, build skills and grow your career.

Why freelancing teams?

Learn, earn, work and grow your career.

Team up with friends or people you know

Working as a freelancer comes with many responsibilities. Why work alone? Create team with people you know.

Continue with your passion

Create a work environment based on your need. Create a shared responsibilities, and continue on your passion.

Build diversified skills

Diversify your skill set by working in teams. Take up different roles and build your skills. Sky is the limit!

Get paid as you go

Satisfy client needs incrementally and iteratively. Get paid for the verified work, instead of waiting for entire project to complete.

Create ownership and repeat business

Extend the service coverage by leveraging team capabilities. Take ownership of work, get repeat business.


Send invites, share messages, and converse with the team using our integrated collaboration tools.

How IT Works?

Start, execute and get paid in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Create or join a team

Build your own team. You can start alone and invite members. You can also join other teams through invitation.

Step 2: Execute project

Respond to request for proposals. Work on projects and accomplish goals incrementally and iteratively.

Step 3: Get paid as you go

The integrated payment system will process the payment for the verified work.

More questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Freelancing has many advantages – being your own boss, work anytime, work anywhere, work on your passion, create a work-life balance and many more. However, it is one side of the coin. On the other side, freelancers are responsible for everything from advertisement, marketing, business development, client relationship, service delivery to the client satisfaction. By working together, you can share the responsibilities, continue to focus on your passion, provide end to end service to clients, share ideas and foster creativity.

Forming a team is like going on an expedition. It takes time, effort and careful attention. However, it could be fun and exciting building a successful team. There are few steps you can take to form a dream team. Please click here for more details.

Yes, certainly. If you already have a specialized team with deep knowledge and expertise, you can bring your team. The in-built workflows will guide you to invite additional members. Please contact us for any specific question.

Yes, certainly. Freelancing Teams is an ideal platform for part-time or moonlighters. You can join one of the teams based on your availability and focus on your passion. When you are ready, you can create your own team.

Please click here to get started. Our in-built workflow will guide you through the process. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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