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Complementary ecosystem to help Startups succeed

Every startup is unique and path to success varies. As the startups move through the different stages (launch, scale, and grow) the need for solutions and talent differs. Through our partner program, we work with Accelerators, Incubators, Investment firms, and other startup development organizations (SDO’s) in bringing the right talent and personalized solutions to get the job done faster. Together, we help startups succeed.

Accelerators - Incubators - Investment firms

Education - Co-working Space - Funding

  • Provide mentorship
  • Co-working space
  • Access to events
  • Innovation hubs
  • Investment & funding
  • Access to customers
  • Community connections

Teams - Proven Process - Tools

  • Provide instant access to local & global talent & teams
  • Create personalized solutions for startup’s unique needs
  • Access to our unique project management software
  • Offer proven processes and integrated tools to get the job done
  • Project management & technical support

Launch - Scale - Grow

  • Find quick and cost-effective solutions
  • Get access to diverse and specialized talent
  • Flexible talent – scale up or down as needed
  • More time to focus on building the business
  • Launch, scale and grow the startup

Partnership benefits

Our partnership program offers exclusive benefits to both partners and member companies.

Accelerators - Incubators - Investment firms

  • Startup-friendly pricing for member companies
  • Improved retention through focused engagement
  • Acquire new members through successful exists
  • Offer more value beyond connecting resources
  • Joint startup focused events
  • Access to our technology focused content
  • Access to startup focused materials

  • “Freemium” platform to accelerate “go-to” market strategies
  • Startup-friendly pricing for members
  • Access to our startup focused events
  • Access to our startup focused hands-on workshops
  • Access to startup content
  • Access to our monthly newsletter
  • Discounts and member pricing from our teams
  • Joint marketing and collaboration

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