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Roles & Responsibilities

Test Manager

Test manager is one who understand the business needs and quality requirements and drafting the test strategy and test plan.

Test Lead

Test lead is one who ensure that the testing is conducted as per the plan and address any technical difficulties. Test lead is also involved in establishing test processes, necessary tools and techniques and plays an advisor role for the team.

Test Analyst

Test analysts is one who responsible for translating the user requirements into test artifacts such as test cases, scenarios, etc. The test analysts works closely with various stakeholders including product owners, clients and users ensuring their requirements are met.

Manual Test Engineer

Manual test engineers work closely with the test analysts in building necessary test artifacts such as test scenarios, cases and scripts. They are also responsible for executing the tests and ensure the issues are address appropriately.

Automated Test Engineer

Automated test engineer is one who develop, test and execute automated test scripts. The automated tester are developers proficient with different automation tools. They are also responsible for scheduling and executing the scripts, record defects and generate test result reports.

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Testing is a collaborative effort and a good testing team should consists of test manager, manual testers and automation engineer. Depending upon the nature of the application and complexity, the testing team may require additional members. Find, hire and work with market ready testing teams.