Scale your startup to new heights with freelancing teams.

Find, hire and work with freelancing teams. Whether looking for a landing page, creating an MVP, migrating to cloud, running marketing campaigns or improving your brand - freelancing teams can help. Get the job done using specialized teams.

Why freelancing teams?

Market standard teams ready to support throughout the startup journey.

Turn idea into concept

Turn your idea into a concept. Use FreelancingTeams to create a landing page or website. Create customer awareness and collect feedback.

Create prototype

Validate your assumptions - create a prototype or minimum viable product using FreelancingTeams. Test your assumptions with users. Collect feedback and improve.


One small step in your journey! A giant leap for your startup. Validate your product with customers, users, and stakeholders. Improve user experience and refine message.

Find product-market fit

Iterate product and find the right product-market fit. Identify key metrics or key performance indicators (KPI) suitable for your business and measure it.

Get Traction

Scale up your startups through multiple channels. Use FreelancingTeams to improve SEO, content marketing, social media campaigns, etc. Grow and acquire new customers.

Grow your business

Grow your business into new markets. Focus on retention of existing customers. Optimize value chain using FreelancingTeams.

How IT Works?

Bring your business needs. Get the job done in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Create project

Whether it is building a website or mobile apps, improve quality, migrate to cloud - define your needs. Our easy to use agile software will guide you through the process.

Step 2: Choose team

Teams will respond with right proposals. Review the schedule and cost estimates upfront. Choose one of our specialized, self-organized teams.

Step 3: Execute project

Execute features on the click of a button. The in-built workflows will guide you through the process. Accomplish your goals incrementally and iteratively.

Step 3: Pay as you go

The integrated payment system will process the payment for the verified work. FreelancingTeams will collect, process and distribute payments at the right time.

Featured startup FreelancingTeams

Digital Creative team - UX, Video, Web, Mobile, Photography, AR/VR

Vemi.Digital is a digital creative team comprised of hardcore marketing experts and research specialist including a former VP of Marketing as well as a Ph.D. guru in engineering. specialize in crafting relevant digital experience including UX, Video, Web, Mobile, Photography, and AR/VR.

Web design - digital marketing - branding - eCommerce

Ambition.Agency is a web design, digital marketing and branding team with experience building landing pages, websites and eCommerce platforms for startups and businesses. Ambition.Agency can help turning the idea into concept development and marketing.

Web application - mobile application

Carbon Dev is a design-first software development that specializes in turning ideas into digital products - web application, mobile application. Carbon Dev is on a mission to help close the gap between the humans and the digital world by creating enhanced digital experience.

Cloud deployment - migration - monitoring - technical support

ToCumulus is a team of young individuals with passion towards cloud technology. ToCumulus has successful designed solutions and implemented data centers, provided cloud services, NOC monitoring and remote management services, backup, recovery and DR services, cloud migration and technical support services for clients across the globe.

Data integration - Analysis - Reporting - Data Visualization

YAKKAY Analytics has rich experience in building data integration & data analytics for some of large brands solving complex data insight challenges. Yakkay experience includes bringing data from different sources and create meaningful information through data visualization. Yakkay technologies can help capture key metrics and help measure it.

Accounting - Taxes - Compliance - Legal - Finance

JAG CPAs & Co. is a group of young CPAs, legal and compliance team that takes care of accounting, taxes, payroll, bookkeeping, valuation, financing, and so on. JAGs is focused on relieving startups from the compliance, finance and accounting challenges, so you can focus on something more important - building your startup.

More questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

When people join together for a common cause, remarkable things happens -whether scaling the heights of Himalayas, winning the World Cup or World Series, or building a successful enterprise. Startups, businesses and organizations use teams to increase efficiency, problem solving, foster creativity and achieve greater results. Additionally, teams can bring different perspectives, share the tasks and solve complex challenges faster.

FreelancingTeams brings people with diversified skills and capabilities together in teams to achieve business objectives. Additionally, our platform provides powerful project management software, integrated payment systems and collaboration tools necessary to execute projects from start to finish.

In general, startups are constrained with time, money and resources. As the startups goes through the journey, it requires lot of help at various stages. FreelancingTeams are specialized teams with necessary skills and capabilities that can help through the journey.

Non-tech founder is not a constraint anymore. Having a technical co-founder certainly makes a difference, however, it is not necessary to hold on to your idea until finding suitable technical co-founder. Please contact us with your specific needs, and we can share our experience and connect with right team to get started.

Please click here to get started. Our in-built workflow will guide you through the process. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

- Hellen Keller